VIPPS online pharmacy - Canadian pharmacies which can be trusted

In connection with the expansion of the pharmaceutical market and uncontrolled increase of the quantity of the Internet pharmacies The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has decided to make a special list of the online pharmacies which had certification and got license for the sale of the drugs. This list is called Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) and was made several years ago. But today this development of VIPPS Canadian pharmacy is especially needed for people who do not want to come to hands of the frauds. VIPPS online vipps certified pharmacy may be easily distinguished. There is VIPPS hyperlink on the site of the pharmacy which belongs to the list. The presence of such link means that this online vipps certified pharmacy enjoys confidence of people and organs that control the production and realization of the products and medications.

What is VIPPS online pharmacy needed for? Unfortunately, it is rather easy to create the online pharmacy and everyone may do this. Thousands of new online pharmacies which work illegally and may sell poor drugs appear every year. This harms not only the health of the citizens but also reputation of other VIPPS online certified pharmacy. In order to stop fraudulent schemes which may seriously undermine health and welfare of people an accreditation of VIPPS is required. VIPPS online pharmacy guarantees that all production which is for sale on the pages of the site meets international standards has been tested for authenticity and has a certificate of the quality. Nowadays, the department which registers VIPPS online pharmacy has got more than 10 000 sites which pretend to get accreditation. About 3% of sites among them got accreditation and became VIPPS online pharmacy. VIPPS online certified pharmacy is a safety and confidence that was not enough for people while buying drugs in the Internet pharmacies.

Accreditation process of VIPPS online pharmacy: In order to become VIPPS online pharmacy it is necessary to pass all stages of the accreditation. Requirements which are brought to the online pharmacies wanting to get the status of VIPPS are very hard but this is explained by the high status of such pharmacies. The first step which waits you during registration of VIPPS online pharmacy is providing documents indicated on the website of NABP. NABP carefully checks the work of the online pharmacies, its licensing status, and also announces the policy and criteria necessary for any VIPPS online pharmacy. The online pharmacy is studied completely including observance of the terms of the delivery and qualification of the staff. Privacy of the received data from the customers and their safety is especially thoroughly checked. If the online pharmacy passes this hard and long checkup, it gets the status of VIPPS. But having got the status of VIPPS online pharmacy does not relax because this is not only the increase of the rank of the pharmacy but also a great responsibility.

How VIPPS online pharmacy is checked after getting license? After getting the license VIPPS online pharmacy may function within 3 years without second checkup. If there are complaints to the activity of this vipps online pharmacy within this period of time, it may lose its license after the investigation. VIPPS online pharmacy passes accreditation of NABP once per 3 years. This procedure takes less time than during the first accreditation but it also touches all aspects of the activity of the online pharmacy. Also, the improvement of the services which are offered by VIPPS online pharmacy is checked. If any conditions of the work of VIPPS online pharmacy do not satisfy NABP, the license may be cancelled, or the owners of the pharmacy may get time in order to remove drawbacks and provide the website for the repeated analysis.

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